Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Hills and heat, repeat

I trained hard yesterday.

I headed out to Mt Coot-tha in the middle of the day, when it would be nice and hot. I ran 21 km of hilly trails… okay, that's a slight lie. I ran almost all of that, but when it came time to run up Kokoda my heart rate was too high, so I walked. I also ran most of it with a jacket on, even though it was not a cold day, to get a bit of extra heat training (and also because I like to feel hot when I run).

The highlight for me was looking down at my heart rate monitor display and discovering I was currently at 161 bpm. It seems appropriate when training for a 100 mile race.

I'm not very fit at the moment, though; the evidence below shows I was quite slow. It also shows I was in Papua New Guinea, which I can assure you I was not.

That's everything there is to know about my run, except what my Suunto told me, which is that my average heart rate was 148 bpm, my maximum heart rate was 168 bpm, and the actual distance was 20.97 km.

Oh, you should probably also know this:

That's the view I had, running down Powerful Owl Trail back to the Silky Oak Picnic Area, where I had parked the car. I know you're jealous.