Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ship's Stern and Dave's Creek, Binna Burra

A few days ago, I posted about communities built on sharing outdoor adventures, constructed as stories. I thought I'd encourage you check out EveryTrail by giving you a tantalising taste of our adventure on Thursday. The full story is on the EveryTrail site: Ship's Stern and Dave's Creek, Binna Burra

I sent Ruth a link to someone else's trip (possibly this one) and she loaded it into her GPS so she could practice following a track on it; this is a skill she'll need for the Great North Walk 100 Mile Run in a few weeks. We both tracked the run as we went. Our route is slightly different from the one we were following, because we visited different lookouts and occasionally decided (deliberately) to take a different fork for a better view.

As you can see from below, another advantage of this community is being able to plug your trips straight into your website or blog.

EveryTrail - Find other trips in Lamington National Park and beyond

In case you're interested, I also created a Garmin Adventure: Ship's Stern and Dave's Creek, Binna Burra | Garmin Adventures. It has a few more photos in it (mostly because I did this one first, and had lost momentum by the time I got to EveryTrail). It looks really pretty, but it's definitely less accessible.

If you have any problems with the map above, please leave a comment to let me know what browser and operating system you're using.