Friday, 30 November 2012

When others say it better

Sometimes other people say things better than I ever could—like ultra runner Tim Olsen, in this wise blog post entitled #WhatWouldiDo. His words capture my thoughts so perfectly:
I love giving my opinions, but I am not an expert on what will work best for you. I think it is wise to hear other people’s opinions and see if they work into your lifestyle or maybe an idea you have not thought of.
Tim goes on to describe the power of the body to look after itself, if we give it the chance:
The body is smart and it is wise to listen. I see many people including myself push their bodies just a wee too much, resulting in injuries that take months or longer to get back. I would love to see less people get injured and enjoy the activities they love. 

So instead of following what this person or that person is doing, listen to your body, experiment and see what works best for you. Maybe a paleo diet or fruit diet or running 200 miles a week works for some people, but before you decide to follow what so and so does, check in with yourself and listen to yourself. I think it’s great to get pointers from people who have had positive outcomes from ideas they have researched and tried out. But before you decide that’s how you are going to improve in your sport or health make sure it’s not giving you negative results.
And his conclusion?
My hope is that people can become more conscious, mindful and body aware. The more you understand what works for you the more you can enjoy life and be happy! Lets all be self-aware, think #wwid [what would I do?], thank the volunteers, encourage all the runners, and celebrate the day.
Smart guy—or, at least, a guy whose thinking I totally agree with.

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