Thursday, 31 January 2013

And again…

I've been quiet recently because I'm hard in training for Alpine, which makes a nice change, really. While Brisbane was flooding, the Alpine National Park was on fire, but—fingers crossed—we might be able to stick with the original course.

Right now I'm about to rush out for yet another training run but, before I do that, I want to share another article. This one is Geoff Roes on the subject of confidence:
I often have people ask me if I think certain “things” will make them faster runners. Some of the more common among these are speed work, cross training, weight lifting, eating meat, not eating meat, more hill running, less hill running, more mileage, less mileage, and so on. In some of these cases I think there are somewhat definitive answers. If you are running 15 miles a week and want to get faster at a marathon, then more mileage will almost certainly help with this. In most cases though, I think it comes down more to whether you think it will make you faster than it does to any scientific logic or certainty.
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