Monday, 4 March 2013

All Tangled Up

On the 19th of January I headed out on the Ship's Stern circuit at Binna Burra, with my friend Tidus. Some storms had been through, and the rainforest section was less distinct than usual, and I was stepping on a pile of bark when suddenly a small, shiny, black "stick" squirmed out from underneath.

Oh, not a stick. That's a snake I'm on top of.

I tried to stop. I tried to reverse. Tidus was there, though, so I had no option but to stay in the one spot, so I lifted up the right foot, which was on the snake, and my left foot came down…

Just next to the snake. So I jumped again and put my right foot back down and then kept dancing on the spot as the poor little snake tried desperately to get away from me, slithering over one foot and sneaking behind the other and generally doing the best he or she could to get away from the stupid woman who was "dancing" (stomping) all over the place.

I was all tangled up with a snake.

Now I'm guessing this was a juvenile green tree snake, because they are often very dark when young, and it was not a python, and it was as far from aggressive as you could imagine. (Which made me feel more terrible for scaring it. I don't think I hurt it, though, as the bark cover was quite thick and would've distributed the load nicely.)

Even when I stomped right next to its head, the snake did not attempt to strike. Red Bellied Black Snakes are timid and non-confrontational, but I think that they'd strike under those conditions. So, I'm pretty lucky.

Worst case scenario, I had a snake bite bandage, hiking poles for use as a splint, a friend to bandage me up, a mobile phone and even a rescue beacon. I had antihistamines in case of allergy, a foil blanket, food and water. If things had gone to poo, I reckon I'd be okay.

When you go wilderness running, are you prepared?