Saturday, 7 June 2014


With this post, I aim to set realistic expectations for tomorrow's 100 km.

I've had worrying niggles since last Wednesday and thought I might not make the start line.

Concentrated rest, stretching, massage and a couple of test jogs (plus a tasty bolognese with a charming young man, oh and Mark ;) LOL) lead me to think the start line is mine.

The finish? Well, that depends. I want a good time, preferably in both senses (speedy and fun). But at least in one.

If it's neither, I'll probably drop out, and that 'probably' becomes a 'definitely' if I think I'm doing long term damage to these niggles, because Caboolture 48 Hour is soon after, and way more important to me. 

So if you see along the way that I've dropped out, please don't be disappointed for me—it just means my body wasn't ready on the day and I made a decision to look after it, rather than push it beyond repair.

Thank you, and goodnight!