Saturday, 3 January 2015

Today's trail lesson

With my recent trail adventures—the Alpine Challenge 100 Mile race, my birthday adventures on Mt Maroon and Mt Barney, my guided tour of Lantau—I've noticed a disturbing tendency to stare at my feet. It's something I've pulled others up on frequently, though mostly in an uphill context, and a habit that's been building over months of road running.

So I went out on today's tiny trail trot (the run I do when I'm not feeling well, but still really want to run) with the intention of just running for half an hour, but I ended up working on my gaze—looking further down the trail instead of at my feet. I also found a new-old-overgrown singletrack that veers off from the main Maccas trail near the first bitumen track, and then parallels it all the way to the gnarly descent.

But the trails won, because I ended up running for an hour. Today's lesson: the spiders always win.