Monday, 2 February 2015

I don't do this often enough

Within a couple of days, Adrian had blogged about our adventure. Me, not so much.

I do all these amazing things and even though two of my favourite activities are writing and storytelling, for some reason I rarely get around to doing them.

So you haven't heard about my trip to Melbourne, where I ate All The Food and ran 55 km in a sequinned dress. And you haven't heard the gory details of my first six day race, or the glory of the long-awaited Alpine Challenge finish, or the fun of my birthday adventures in Mt Barney National Park, or my quad-trashing Hong Kong discoveries, or my Poor Man's Bogong to Hotham in D'Aguilar National Park, or all my crazy-hill adventures with Carol, or…

And maybe you don't want to. But I should write about them anyway, and all the upcoming adventures, because writing is something I enjoy, even if no one will ever read it.