Monday, 6 April 2015

So lucky

So I didn't get to run the ANZAC Ultra 2015.

But I did get to cycle 66 km with Susannah, and stop for a coffee (and cheesecake!) with Ruth and Verity, on a stunning day in South East Queensland when it was meant to be miserable and wet. We had bright blue skies, smooth roads and no nasty headwind.

Susannah checks our navigation.

Not a bad consolation prize.

My ankle is getting stronger and I'm optimistic about what Mimi will say on Wednesday. I've been cleaning a lot of the clutter out of my life (and currently working on my wardrobe) and I feel happy knowing that I've only got three races on the calendar for the rest of the year, and plenty of time to build for them.

Today is one of the good days, I guess. I've had more wins than losses, so when I check the runners' progress on Facebook, it's exciting rather than upsetting. I make no promises that this mood will continue into next week—it might vanish with my last bites of Easter chocolate—but  I thought it was worth documenting because it's part of the process of healing, and of living.